REVIEW: Red (Virginia Rep)

REVIEW: Red (Virginia Rep)
REVIEW: Red (Virginia Rep)
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THE PLAY: Painter Mark Rothko is creating a series for the Four Seasons restaurant. Not really a plot, but a conversation about art: it’s creation, it’s appreciation and the artist’s relevance. It takes place over 2 years with his hired assistant.


THE PRODUCTION: Luckily, David Bridgewater is an accomplished actor, because it takes someone of great skill to effectively pull off the self-absorbed, pompous character. Maxwell Eddy’s earnest performance (as the assistant) holds his own in the sounding-board role. The studio set is a realistic knockout and the lighting adds appropriate mood. Director Christopher Owens shows an assured hand that keeps the non-stop dialogue interesting. Note to David: blend the makeup base all the way over your bald pate to conceal the stubble.


THE POINT: If you like high-minded discourse about art, you’ll find this production interesting.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing this production. Saw a performance last year at Arena Stage that blew me away. Tremendous energy.

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