REVIEW: Time Stands Still (Firehouse)

REVIEW: Time Stands Still (Firehouse)
REVIEW: Time Stands Still (Firehouse)
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THE PLAY: A woman returns from life-threatening injuries she got as a photojournalist to discuss the meaning of her career with her live-in boyfriend/writer (she’s shut-off and he’s whiny). In an attempt to bring a bit of emotion into this intellectual exercise, their 2 friends offer a different perspective on life and career. There aren’t a lot of peaks and valleys in this play, just a steady stream of political debate and personal problems.


THE PRODUCTION: Considering that you don’t really care about the 2 main characters, Audra Honaker & Charley Raintree have managed to make them bearable. All 4 actors inhabit their characters with naturalism with Aly Wepplo adding a refreshing comic perspective. Director Tawnya Pettiford-Wates isn’t afraid to let them take their time, although a bit more vocal projection would help. Two flaws with the video of “Body Snatchers:” It was distracting (could have been paused) & it was NOT the 50s version (as in the script). The tech aspects are effective.


THE POINT: A political discourse camouflaged with artistic struggle and relationship issues, but well-acted by an accomplished cast.


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  1. Jerry, insightful review. I am being nitpicky here, but a real photojournalist would never use the type of camera bag pictured above. It’s fine for Uncle Ralph the family hobbyist – but not something an Annie Wells type would use. That would just distract me from the whole play…details, details.

  2. Ha.
    I thought the review was going to discuss the play as a metaphor for the political struggle of and for the Firehouse Theater.

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