Richmond’s super group?

Richmond’s super group?
Richmond’s super group?
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Avers may just be RVA’s super group. They all front other successful local bands (Trillions, Head and the Heart, Hyper Color, Farm Vegas, Mason Brothers). but together they create a fresh take on what they describe as “pretty reckless music” under the psychedelic rock umbrella. Their collective creative force is evident in their music as well as their on-stage show. When was the last time you saw a liquid light show projected from old school overhead projectors? The net result is fun, energetic and boundary pushing.


This cross pollination of groups is becoming more and more the norm on the RVA music scene. Egos and competition give way to new creative outlets inspiring the musicians to spontaneous exploration and creativity they might not experience in their own bands. For Avers this coming together wasn’t at all premeditated; not so much griping about what they couldn’t do as what the new possibilities presented. As Adrien Olsen says, once together in the studio it just snowballed out of their control – the music became their beacon and, to a large degree, their liberator.


Those studio recordings, done at Adrian Olsen’s Montrose Studio, are available for download on iTunes and other digital services. Hand crafted CDs are available now at their shows and a full vinyl package is also in the works. It will be available as part of their July 18 show at Strange Matter. While Avers has definite ties to Richmond, they are working to build fan bases in other markets. The plan is to keep playing shows, working in the studio and putting out tracks to make it happen. It’s all part of what Alexandra Spalding calls their “world domination” mission.


Avers Lineup

The band’s lineup as sketched by Charlie Glenn.

 Supporting that mission is RVA’s strong music scene. Venues like newly opened Broadberry will attract national touring acts that local bands like Avers can open for, increasing their own exposure on a wider scale. That’s an opportunity you really can’t put a value on…the music business is very much one of being in the right place at the right time in front of the right people. Avers see the current Richmond music scene as very healthy and conducive to bands doing their own original music, not being just a cover band. As Alexandra and the other band members say, you really can make a living as a band here because of the many opportunities to play every night of the week and be creative – not just having to make money.


Light show dude

Creating the retro light show.


This music diversity was snapshotted perfectly at Friday Cheers’ RVA Music night. Opening act The Green Boys brought original bluegrass to the stage. Todd Harrington’s Things followed up with very much a jam band vibe spanning R&B, jazz and rock and roll. Avers capped off the party with their own spin on where Richmond music is going. RVA live music fans embrace new music directions and thankfully our bands are responding in a big way – chasing down the sounds in their heads and putting them out there for us all to enjoy.


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