Robin’s in the hood

Robin’s in the hood
Robin’s in the hood
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Greek? Eye-talian? Why choose? The Robin Inn, opened by Greek emigrant, Manuel Loupassi in 1964, has been serving up both to Fan locals on the corner of Park Ave & Robinson St for almost 50 years. Lacking the funds to change the neon sign of the then-new Italian joint, Loupassi kept the name and the neon sign, added a few Greek dishes to the menu and The Robin Inn as we know it was born. 17 years ago, Manuel Loupassi decided to pass the restaurant and all of its responsibilities to his daughter, Niki Loupassi, who is running the show to this day.


It’s a neighborhood joint. While it’s not a destination, per se, it has certainly earned its institution status. Baked spaghetti and baked manicotti. That’s what they are known for. Ironically none of the Greek food save for the larger-than-Greece, Greek salad. That’s generally what folks order.


food-bugThe portions are all massive. It’s cheap. It’s served up on a red checkered table cloth with a bottle of the chianti wrapped in straw. It’s not great. It’s not even good. But as they say, ‘It is what it is’. And by ‘it’, I mean it’s the place on the corner. You know your server, you know the owner. You can plug your phone in to charge behind the bar without asking. There is a table of cops sitting next to you, talking local politics. And no one, no one, needs a menu to order. You will leave stuffed. You will leave with leftovers for a midnight munch attack. You will leave without a much of a dent in your wallet. And you will leave happy.



    • Robert,
      I’m so glad to hear it! It’s a gem of a spot, for sure.
      Thanks for reading!

      XO, Eliott

  2. Well done, Elliot! We all grew up eating at the Robin Inn. What’s not to love, really???

    • Thanks, Jana! It’s true – we need to start throwing some love back to Richmond’s tried & trues!

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