Roger B. Heard and the Tight 45 (review)

Roger B. Heard and the Tight 45 (review)
Roger B. Heard and the Tight 45 (review)
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THE PLAY: This takes place in a recording studio, where a voice actor has 45 minutes to complete a long list of jobs.


THE PRODUCTION: Dale Leopold is a local voiceover talent who plays the title role, but he fails to add any real character off mic. As the engineer, Emily Turner infuses spunk and personality into her role. The script (which credits Alex Mayberry as Lead Writer for this world premiere) has no plot and other than the clock, there’s no conflict. As someone who’s spent his share of time in a studio, I found lots that’s not accurate: the use of a shotgun mic, the talent not wearing headphones and wearing a tie, to name a few. First-time director James Nygren hasn’t enlivened the static staging and has failed to build any tension as time runs down. Dirty Metal Lefty adds some musical moments in the pre-show and final scene. The set is basically a windowed panel for the “booth” with various pieces of equipment strewn around.  Running time: 53 minutes


THE POINT: This isn’t really a play, but a showcase for Dale Leopold to demo his voiceover skills.


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


A co-production of Free Jambalaya & HATTheatre at HATT thru 1/19


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