Romeo and Juliet (review)

Romeo and Juliet (review)
Romeo and Juliet (review)
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THE PLAY: Shakespeare’s classic about young lovers torn apart by their family feud.


THE PRODUCTION: The genesis of this production was mounted in April at VMFA (my review). This reboot features 4 new cast members, is directed solely by James Ricks and runs 10 minutes shorter. As a result (and the venue) this production feels more cohesive, bordering on intimate. Tyler Stevens plays the new Romeo as a plaintive adolescent with an engaging off-hand delivery. As Juliet, Liz Earnest (who clearly feels older than Sevens) shows glimpses of a teenager’s eagerness, but feels strained in Act Two’s dramatic scenes. The two “grown-ups” in the ensemble (Bo Wilson & Melissa Johnston Price) anchor the cast and seem even more pivotal to the conflict. Ricks has kept the show compelling in Act One. The second act seems to relish the anguish a bit too much without fully realizing the power that this drama demands. Running time: 2:25 NOTE: Evening shows are at 7:30.


THE POINT: While this production is competently mounted, it never ignites the fervor that makes the play a classic tragedy.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


The Richmond Shakespeare Festival produced by Quill Theatre at Agecroft thru 6/24




Photos by Aaron Sutten

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