Adam Ruins Everything (review)

Adam Ruins Everything (review)
Adam Ruins Everything (review)
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This series started in 2015, but I only just discovered it. It stars comic Adam Conover, who is also a cast member/writer for the website CollegeHumor. On each episode, Conover picks one topic that we take for granted and he debunks it…everything from diamonds to voting to sex. Each show starts with a “regular” person doing something normal, then Conover swoops in to expose the truth in a variety of amusing encounters. Often there’s time travel, occasionally there’s animation and sometimes there’s silliness, but it all serves to solidify his aim to deflate common misconceptions (along with cited articles and guest experts). This is not normally my kind of show, but they’ve made learning the truth so much fun that it’s more entertainment than education. NOTE: Look for former UR president Edward L.Ayers as the guest expert on the “Voting” episode. (On many streaming platforms plus TRU TV) 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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