RVA Street Art Festival

RVA Street Art Festival
RVA Street Art Festival
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After Don Harrison’s amusing expose of colors in honor of this RVA Street Art Festival, I went by Saturday to be amazed by the size and scope of this event. It covered 5+ acres of walls and buildings in the former GRTC depot with murals (often still in progress), sculpture, a craft marketplace and other stuff. Enjoy what some of what I saw in SIFTER’s first photo essay. At this point, the space is closed, but they’re working on ways to open access. Be sure to read the captions for more information on some of the work.



This giant wizard greeted crowds.


One in a series of historical murals on the outside Cary Street wall.


A half pipe skaters that matched the mural behind it.


Garage mural with one of the free-standing sculptures in front.


“Driving Richmond: Stories and Portraits of GRTC Operators” with photo portraits by Michael Lease, text panels based on interviews by Laura Browder and sound portraits by Benjamin Thorp.


Note the planters in the foreground.

pink ladiies

Dressed for the occasion.

original murals

The original mini-mural wall from the launch event.

market sign

Inside the garage were tables exhibiting and selling crafts of all kinds.


An indoor light exhibit (InLight anyone?)


An exhibit showing paintings by some of the muralists.

bull dozer

The only way to create these enormous prints was to ride a steamroller over the canvas.

black scuplture

A kinetic sculpture in one of the garages.


Matt Lively’s popular bees.


Not sure what this bamboo sculpture/structure was.


The metal birds gave this mural a 3D element.

wacky tornado stack of animals player pink beam no parking love garage1 few far art on wheels african abe


  1. So glad you posted photos!! Was there on Sat as well, saw you (but figured you wouldn’t know me!) walking through. Had come from 43rd Street festival to this one — different crowd, but both great art and such a beautiful day to see all the color against that incredible blue sky! Great pictures — thanks for the photo essay!

  2. Nice photos, Jerry.

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