Sadie’s Last Painting (review)

Sadie’s Last Painting (review)
Sadie’s Last Painting (review)
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THE PLAY: It’s the zombie apocalypse and Sadie is alone. Knowing her death is imminent, she gets busy making the title come true.


THE PRODUCTION: This is basically an opportunity for McLean Jesse to create a tour de force performance. She does her best, is often compelling but also flails about restlessly. Unfortunately, Alex Mayberry’s script holds her back. Even if we can accept the worn premise of zombies, there are many holes in the survival logic and the painting concept distracts more than adding depth. More sadly, the rushed emotional structure hinders any moments of poignant drama. Courtney Hans has some nice moments, but her dialogue is often too quiet to hear. Director Cheryl Fare has kept the blocking active, but could have used more tenderness in the romantic moments. When the inevitable occurs, Emily Turner’s fight direction is unwieldy (and illogical) and Stephen Ryan’s effects makeup is ludicrous. Composer Matt Tracy’s sound design effectively plays a part in the show and the tech elements are passable.


THE POINT: McLean Jesse is an accomplished and often compelling actor, but this final performance is compromised by a flawed script.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


A Free Jambalaya production at RVA Event Space thru 7/9


Watch McLean talk about the show in this SIFTER video






McLean Jesse & Courtney Hans (Photos by Denise Tormey)

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