Saturday, Sunday, Monday (review)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday (review)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (review)
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THE PLAY: Three days in the interactions of a large Italian family and their friends, much of it revolves around the big Sunday meal.


THE PRODUCTION: One good thing about a cast of 17 is variety: If one character arc falters or the actor misses, several other options are just around the corner. There’s some good comic talent (notably Catherine Shaffner and Matthew Costello) and plenty of fine supporting roles. Sadly, the pivotal characters (Kate Burke-Benedict and Wilbur Edwin Henry) lack the verve to lead the family. Their third act reconciliation is downright dreary, when it should have been moving. The production’s faults rest primarily on director Carl Forsman. The play lacks the ardent emotions that should have given it energy. Some actors capture the Italian spice, while others are simply flat. We should love this family, but there’s little heart. The minimal stucco set by Brian C. Barker also lacks the warmth and clutter of a big family dwelling, but the aromas from the food add a delicious dimension to the experience.


THE POINT: The production teases with a few bites of delightful moments and enjoyable characters, but it lacks the emotional satisfaction of a hearty meal.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


At Virginia Rep’s November Theatre thru 3/6




Cast of Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Photo by Aaron Sutten.

Cast of Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Photo by Aaron Sutten.

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