Sausage Party (review)

Sausage Party (review)
Sausage Party (review)
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Fuck = Funny. That’s the basic tenant of writing for this film. Have a food item drop the F-bomb and get a laff. And to take it one step further, mention anything involving sex: another laff. The cast is made up primarily of foods that inhabit a grocery store (and cuss). Apprehension arises when they hear rumors that the world outside the market is a place where humans destroy them (aka eat). There are some enjoyable characters (voiced by regulars in Seth Rogen’s orbit) and witty moments (the orgy finale presents a dizzying montage of sexual practices). The performances are fun and the pacing is spunky, but there’s not a lot that’s genuinely humorous going on.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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  1. sounds as if one must take drugs to enjoy such trash.

  2. or be young and easily amused

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