The Savannah Sipping Society (review)

The Savannah Sipping Society (review)
The Savannah Sipping Society (review)
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THE PLAY: Four single women “of a certain age” gather for weekly drinking sessions to talk about their lives and expand their horizons.


THE PRODUCTION: In 2014, the Mill staged their first production by this trio of writers whose claim to fame is their connection with “Golden Girls” (review of Dixie Swim Club here). This is the 4th show by the group and it continues with the sitcom setup that’s proven so successful. This time the quartet of actors is comfortable with their characters, the comedy and those thick Southern accents. There are plenty of punch lines and most of them land with laughter. Director Tom Width has kept things moving with a bright, sunny pace that matches the lovely yellow verandah set (which he designed). One confusing note: there are palm trees edging the exterior, instead of oaks hanging with moss. Maura Lunch Cravey has designed costumes that are not only attractive but flattering. Running time: 2:10


THE POINT: Audiences who appreciate a sitcom on the stage will be entertained with big gulps of comic fun and a few sips of sweetness.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill Theatre thru 7/13


Listen to my review (with Southern accent) as aired on WRIR:



Jacqueline Jones, Jennifer Frank, Joy Williams, Robin Arthur

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