Say Goodnight Gracie (Review)

Say Goodnight Gracie (Review)
Say Goodnight Gracie (Review)
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THE PLAY: Legendary comic George Burns narrates his life in this one-man show. He recounts his humble upbringing and start in show biz, the woman who changed his life and livelihood forever (Gracie Allen), their career together and his solo work after her death. Brief video and audio clips feature their performances.


THE PRODUCTION: From the moment he first appears, Scott Wichmann is totally convincing and completely charming as Burns. He’s captured his voice, mannerisms and most importantly, his comic style. Wichmann owns the stage: he delivers every punch line with flawless timing and the several moments of drama are genuinely moving. Chase Kniffen’s direction keeps it simple, so Wichmann can shine. The set, lighting and multimedia elements add effective support. Even though the season has just started, Scott Wichmann is already on the short list for outstanding performance.


THE POINT: Scott Wichmann masters the stage and captivates the audience in this winning performance.






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