Search Party (review)

Search Party (review)
Search Party (review)
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Search Party’s first two seasons were on TBS, but this new one is on HBO Max (along with the previous 2 seasons). It’s a wickedly funny show featuring a quartet of millennials (led by Alia Shawkat) at their most entitled, narcissistic and capricious. They set out to find a missing friend, but things go fatally wrong. Ditto season 2. This new season finds them facing the legal consequences of their exploits. What makes this show so much fun is the clever writing and assortment of eccentric characters. Especially hilarious this season is the rich, clueless attorney played by Shalita Grant. There are twists that keep you guessing and enjoying the crazy ride. This is dark comedy at its best and my favorite TV comedy since Schitt’s Creek. From the final shot, it’s obvious that a 4th season in on the way. (Ten 30-minute episodes each season)


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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NOTE: Most people who have any of the HBO platforms automatically qualify for Max. Check with your service provider.

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