New seats at the Byrd

New seats at the Byrd
New seats at the Byrd
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The Byrd Theatre has announced a date for new seats to be completed, in addition to some special events to celebrate.


Replacement of the center section is underway. Their seat fabrication specialists have removed the decorative row endcaps for restoration and refitting to the new seats. On July 21, the balcony opens and the remaining downstairs center seats will be removed to prepare the floor. To increase legroom by spacing rows further apart, they have to move the floor vents. This means filling and drilling about 80 holes in the concrete slab. (Click here to watch the SIFTER video about the vents, the new seats and more.)


The back rows of seats are being removed to make way for the wheelchair accessible platform. The renovations will also include the theatre’s first accessible restroom (adjacent to the ground level men’s room).


Seat replacement is happening in phases and many of the best seats will be used to replace other areas. The foundation has posted a signup form for anyone interested in acquiring one of these unique souvenirs.


While the floor seats are removed, the Byrd will host a once-in-a-lifetime event. On 7/25, pop-up event planners Underground Kitchen and an acclaimed local chef will host a special benefit dinner under the Grand Chandelier. Click for more on The Roaring Twenties Gala.


All of this should be done by September 8. During construction, the theatre will continue to screen movies with the balcony being open during peak performances. After the renovation of the concession area in 2018, they may be adding beer and wine.


New this quarter, the Byrd is adding several month-long marathons featuring films themed around Harry Potter (all 8 installments), Quentin Tarantino (5 films on consecutive Tuesdays) and anime director Hayao Miyazaki (on Mondays). The July-October Schedule is currently posted online or available in the theatre lobby.


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