The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Review)

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Review)
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Review)
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Forget the original short story: This has been hijacked by Ben Stiller’s ego (he also directed) into a confused commercial mess. He plays a mild-mannered worker at LIFE magazine, who lapses into heroic daydreams. After a threatening job event and the urging of a woman (Kristen Wiig in her blandest role yet) he’s inspired to go on a real adventure that takes him to Greenland and Afghanistan. The plot abounds with illogical moments, heavy-handed characters, loose ends and embarrassing product placement. There’s nothing particularly imaginative here, although some of the scenery is pretty. Stiller lacks the acting chops or directing skills to give this silly fantasy any true heart or vision.


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  1. The movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is probably my favorite movie I’ve ever seen. It contains all of the key elements that I enjoy in a movie. It contains action, comedy, romance, and drama. When I go back and think about the movie again, I can’t think of anything that I didn’t enjoy about this movie. And I can relate to Walter Mitty in this movie, when he “zones out”. I think the concept of stop dreaming, go do things, is a moving concept and I enjoy the fact that a movie can encourage you to do things you wouldn’t usually do. The movie is a heart-warming tale about a dorky man named Walter Mitty who you grow to love over time. He has a problem where he freezes and imagines himself doing incredible things, but when he is forced to retrieve a picture from a famous, adventurous photographer to save his job, he realizes how life can be lived with adventure.

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