See Jane Quit (Review)

See Jane Quit (Review)
See Jane Quit (Review)
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THE PLAY: A beleaguered waitress decides to quit smoking. Her family struggles to keep all manner of secrets, so she won’t get stressed and start smoking again.


THE PRODUCTION: We were told to think of this play as a TV sitcom and that note works: a simple plot with lots of quick twists, typical character types and enjoyable funny moments. The able cast zips thru the circumstances with outgoing energy, especially Maggie Bavolack’s assured sarcastic delivery and Chandler Hubbard’s comically tentative manner. Director Melissa Rayford effectively mined the comic potential, but could have relaxed the staging. Being in such an intimate environment (even partially in the round) allows the audience to enjoy the performances without needing so much movement. The low-budget set did effective double duty. NOTE: The occasional smoking dissipates quickly


THE POINT: A lite little sitcom of a play in a fun package.


The show closes this weekend and the space is chilly, so if you go be sure to dress warmly .






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