Seventh Son (review)

Seventh Son (review)
Seventh Son (review)
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This film was actually made in 2014, but got poor critical and box office response. It’s recently turned up as a popular choice on Netflix and it hasn’t aged any better. Ben Barnes plays the titular character, who is apprentice to the last witch killer, played by Jeff Bridges in one of his most memorably bad characters. Also chewing lots of fake scenery is Julianne Moore as the head of the witches. Kit Harrington makes an early cameo and this was 3 years after GOT started. To the movie’s advantage are lots of action scenes with all manner of monsters, demons and amazing landscapes. On the down side, not much of it goes beyond a video game level of involvement. While its big budget approach is never boring, the result feels flat.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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