The Sisters Brothers (review)

The Sisters Brothers (review)
The Sisters Brothers (review)
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This Wild West duo features Joaquin Phoenix as the unruly brother and John C. Reilly as the sensitive one. They’re sent to kill a prospector (Riz Ahmed) who’s stolen from their boss (Rutger Hauer in a silent cameo). Even though it’s a set in the 1850s, this has an edgy contemporary feel that makes it a bit more unusual. The fact that the filmmaker is French (Jacques Audiard) also contributes to the unique approach. Instead of the expected bloody violence, the shootouts are full of gunpowder flashes and loud noise. There’s some expectedly-beautiful scenery, period hardships and interesting variations on the typical tale. It’s the relationships of the characters (which also includes Jake Gyllenhaal) and Audiard’s perspective that make it most interesting. (Criterion Cinema only)


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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