Skyscraper (review)

Skyscraper (review)
Skyscraper (review)
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“San Andreas” was Dwayne Johnson’s most fun as an action hero. Then, came “Rampage,” which was not. This time, they’ve heaped the absurd situations and ridiculous odds high enuff to reach the top of the titular structure. His character is hired as a security consultant on this incredible new building (the highest in the world). When it’s sabotaged, he has to save the day and his family. Single-handedly, he overcomes outrageous obstacles and a fleet of armed baddies, but none of it is especially thrilling or even over the top in a fun way. It’s big, splashy and predictable…and it’s time for Johnson to find a new genre (or director).


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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