Snowpiercer (review)

Snowpiercer (review)
Snowpiercer (review)
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This film offers an unusual take on the future: the world is a frozen wasteland and the only survivors exist on a long train that continuously travels around the globe. The poor huddled masses at the back (led by Chris Evans) decide to plead their case to the leader, so they undertake a mission to get to the front. At times it seems like an action film, but the fight scenes are often full of splashed blood and blurred action. At other times, it’s an apocalyptic drama with bold statements about class and society. If you’re willing to overlook the giant lapses in logic, you may find this movie to be an absorbing and original experience. BTW, Tilda Swinton is having great fun with her bespeckled, toothy character. (Criterion Cinema only)


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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