Souvenir (review)

Souvenir (review)
Souvenir (review)
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THE PLAY: Socialite Florence Foster Jenkins rose to fame in 30s New York because of her astoundingly off-key singing. This play revolves around her relationship with the conflicted pianist who became her accompanist, despite knowing of her foible.


THE PRODUCTION: This the inaugural production of “Into the Woods” and they’ve chosen to stage it in a Fan District home. As the singer, Gabrielle Maes is completely at home in the role (literally…it’s her place and she’s done the role before). She has a powerful voice (even when discordant) and creates a believeable character.  As the reluctant pianist, Levi Meerovich, who is often enjoyably exagerated in his performances, creates a more subdued character in voice and style. Director Chelsea Burke has done what she can to make use of the limited space (basically, a chair and a piano), but the pacing often feels intimately self-indulgent. The approach is more melancholy then amusing, which misses the situation’s inherent comic opportunities. Note: The sight lines from some the edge seats might be compromised. Running time: 2:00


THE POINT: Even though the duo’s interactions are sincere, the play’s comic potential falls a bit flat (pun intended).


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


An Into the Woods production at 2521 Stuart Avenue thru 3/7. Click here for tix.


Photos by WolfCrest Photography.

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