Speech & Debate (Review)

Speech & Debate (Review)
Speech & Debate (Review)
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THE PLAY: Three misfit students (are there any other kind?) form the titular team to expose a teacher’s indiscretions. The structure is sparse, the message heavy-handed and almost every scene plays too long, but it’s also very timely, sometimes funny and particularly youthful, with blogging, chat rooms & a few songs.


THE PRODUCTION: There’s an energy and honesty that comes from this talented cast: Kelsey Cordrey dominates the stage with her personality and off-the-cuff timing, Marquis Hazelwood shows quiet moments of comic skill and Zach Barnard minces effortlessly (Katrina Carol Lewis adds an effective adult presence). While director Deejay Gray has kept the energy up (except the dreary first scene of Act 2), the staging is sometimes static. Fortunately, the performers make it lively and fun. The use of the theater’s florescent house lights is clever, but a bit jarring when they go on and off.


THE POINT: A youthful energy with a timely focus makes this a sure-fire crowd-pleaser for young or young-minded audiences.


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  1. Great production and really enjoyed Zach Barnards portrayal of Howie.

  2. I thought the play was awesome and Kelsey was a juggernaut!

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