Back on the Horse (video 1:43)

Back on the Horse (video 1:43)
Back on the Horse (video 1:43)
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Does a once successful band have a shelf life? Can the chemistry that’s gone untried for decades be combined to duplicate the original results? That was the case with Mercy Flight’s recent reunion a few months back (see the SIFTER review).


Another RVA band from the 70’s, Rockin’ Horse, got together to test the theory last weekend…not on stage, but in one of their living rooms. Just to jam and see what happens.



Rockin’ Horse had a steady following for 10 years. They played at local frat parties, on the road and even opened for The Ramones at VCU. Many bands later, they’re all still playing – although mostly sticking to their local scenes.


The first run-throughs were more about re-establishing the spark. As Plummer Crawley said, “It all started coming back!” Jimmy Schulz admitted to having flashbacks of the scene back in the day. Collectively, they started remembering past shows and songs they did when nobody else was doing them. “We started off playing what we liked, but nobody else liked it. We had to mix in other stuff,” remembered Bill Coon. The old gigs stretched beyond the music. They were expected to dress up, put on a show and be entertaining. Flashbacks indeed!



NotebookThe band’s name has a pretty obscure origin. In 1972, they were on their way to their first gig, a benefit for Bangladesh in Rockville and they needed a name. Buzzy had a book of short stories and there was one by D.H. Lawrence, “The Rocking-Horse Winner.” Drop the “g” and“Rockin’ Horse” was born.


The future is flexible. It’s mostly about having fun and enjoying some nostalgia. Plummer lives in Maryland and current band commitments keep all of them busy. Based on the fun they were having last weekend, it was great to see them “Get Back” (see video).


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Rockin’ Horse:

Bill Coon: drums and vocals

JimmySchultz: bass

PlummerCrawley: guitar and vocals

BuzzyLawler: guitar and vocals


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