Tartuffe (Review)

Tartuffe (Review)
Tartuffe (Review)
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THE PLAY: Moliére is the great 17th French playwright who’s work combines satire, farce and clever word play (in rhyming couplets, no less). This play revolves around the head of a household, who’s so besotted by a ‘holy man” that he gives him his daughter and estate, much to the consternation of his family.


THE PRODUCTION: This cast is loaded with wonderfully funny performances (Joe Pabst, Eva DeVirgillis, Alexander Sapp, Amaree Cluff) and 2 standouts: Debra Wagoner’s saucy maid, whose flawless delivery guarantees a laugh with almost every line and Brad Frazier’s lovesick suitor, who creates the show’s hilarious highlight with his effusive demeanor and hysterical physical comedy. Ryan Bechard’s solemn Tartuffe seems to be the only one acting in a drama. Director Bruce Miller has added lots of delightful business and an occasional modern line reading to ramp up the humor (and he makes a surprisingly bold closing statement). Brian C. Barker’s set and Sue Griffin’s costumes add glorious period richness. The exposition in Act One takes a little time to ramp up, but once it gets rolling, the show is a continuous delight.


THE POINT: This superb staging of Moliére’s classic comedy offers plenty to amuse and lots to delight.






Presented by Virginia Rep at the November Theatre thru 3/9

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