Tenet (review)

Tenet (review)
Tenet (review)
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We’ve all seen reversed footage of someone flying OUT of a swimming pool back onto the diving board. This movie takes that effect to the extreme without much visual thrill. John David Washington stars as some sort of operative whose job is to save the world (that tired trope). Turns out people from the future have discovered how to invert time, which leaves clues that turn up in our present…in reverse. Like director Christopher Nolan’s last big concept sci-fi extravaganza Inception, there’s plenty to leave audiences confused. It’s best to just stop trying to figure it out and watch it for the encounters (some of the dialogue is hard to understand too). Even with some big set pieces, the action is never thrilling. While most of the locations focus on industrial sites, the visuals aren’t especially dazzling. Director Christopher Nolan insisted on releasing this film on the big screen and the movie’s success is primed to set off a return to the theatres. Sadly, it doesn’t look impressive or exciting enough to accomplish that goal.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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