The Accountant (review)

The Accountant (review)
The Accountant (review)
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Ben Affleck plays a math savant on the Autism spectrum who spends his days as a quiet CPA, but freelances for major criminal organizations and even mortally dispatches some of them. The narrative also involves flashbacks to his father’s influence, a sympathetic clerk who arouses his affection (Anna Kendrick) and a government agent who’s out to stop him (J.K. Simmons). The premise seems a bit preposterous and it’s not really clear how the plot’s complex machinations happen. Affleck stays pretty stone faced thru it all, registering as a mysteriously-connected mastermind and a sure-shot action hero. There’s enuff complexity in the story to keep it interesting and a few moments of action to add some fun. If you can get past the ludicrousness of the story, you may enjoy watching it all unfold. (NOTE: look for former RVA actor and TheatreVCU grad as the CFO.)

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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