The Aliens (review)

The Aliens (review)
The Aliens (review)
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THE PLAY: An awkward clerk discovers 2 slackers hanging out in the break area behind the health food store. Their uncomfortable encounter slowly develops into an uneasy friendship.


THE PRODUCTION: This play reminded me of the last sketch on Saturday Night Live: strange, ungainly and often flat. With this kind of aimless focus, a strong cast helps. Ben Hill plays the delusional writer with occasional anger and constant neurosis. Maxwell Moore creates a fun guy with ticks of his own. Denver Crawford charms with his comically spot-on “deer in the headlights” awkwardness. Director Gary Hopper isn’t afraid of pauses and lets the interaction develop slowly. The set by Phil Hayes is appropriately realistic, Andrew Bonniwell’s lights add mood (and fireworks) and Joey Luck’s sound nicely accents the reality. Overall, this feels more like actors’ “scene work” than a fully-fleshed play, but the cast does a good job of bringing it to life.


THE POINT: These mildly uneasy relationships are slight on traditional plot and structure, but sound on solid performances.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 5/16

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  1. Jerry … Aliens was shit. Pure ‘n simple.

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