The Beach Bum (review)

The Beach Bum (review)
The Beach Bum (review)
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Remember the character in Dazed & Confused that launched Matthew McConaughey’s career? Fast forward 20 years and you get his evolution into Mooddog: a high-living, free-spirit poet who staggers thru life with a carefree attitude. This is McConaughey at his most indulgent: In almost every scene exposing his most outrageous self (and his butt cheeks). This rambling party from Harmony Korine revels in trying to be outrageous and excessive with little regard for narrative thrust or character development. On the bright side, the cinematography is lovely and Korine’s direction is full of energy. The only comic turn that works is by Martin Lawrence, but the rest of the cast seems to be having fun. Audiences into excess partying and semi-absurd silliness might enjoy it.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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