The Bronze (review)

The Bronze (review)
The Bronze (review)
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Melissa Rauch is best known from “The Big Bang Theory” (which I’ve never watched), so I wasn’t familiar with her work. From the “raunchy” style of this script, I assumed she was a comic who likes to say “fuck” in every sentence. Now, I’m guessing that’s the script (which she co-wrote with her husband who took her last name), so she’s still responsible. She plays a former Olympic Bronze medalist who’s coasting on her glory 14 years later. She’s also totally self-involved, spoiled and out of touch with reality. While this is sometimes funny (and often relies on her deadpan foul-mouthed delivery), it’s mostly off-putting because she’s so despicable. Actually, Tom Middleditch (best known for “Silicon Valley,” which I DO watch) has the best comic moments. The plot is predictable: she’s forced to help an upcoming gymnast train for the games and finds her own heart in the process. There’s a romping pace and enough jokes that land to make it mildly enjoyable, even though Rauch’s mean-spirited character is such a dick.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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