The Brothers Grimsby (review)

The Brothers Grimsby (review)
The Brothers Grimsby (review)
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Balls, elephant dicks, anal invasions: These are the kinds of things that Sacha Baron Cohen thinks are funny these days. Although the action is dynamically directed by Louis Leterrier, the comedy gags are almost all dreadful. Cohen again plays a buffoon (with terrible hair) who’s spent 28 years searching for his brother, who turns out to be an MI6 agent. Their misadventures take them on a fast-paced romp to save the world (what else?). With the exception of a few throwaway lines, almost all of the humor is broad, stupid and not funny. The best thing about this movie is the running time (81 min). And if you insist on seeing it, at least stay thru the credits for one final joke.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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