The Capture (review)

The Capture (review)
The Capture (review)
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You may remember the excellent British political thriller Bodyguard from 2017. This new Peacock series treads similar territory, but adds a conspiracy theory, while eliminating the sexy. Callum Turner plays a soldier who’s acquitted for a war crime just before being framed for a kidnapping/murder. The first 2 episodes set up the situations, but the 3rd one starts to expose the underlying scheme and ramps up the paranoia. The incredulity of the circumstances slowly resolves into a plausible explanation. Since it’s a UK import, you can expect strong performances all around. While not always tightly-wound, it still manages to maintain a solid level of interest and offers some chilling insights into the dangers of widespread surveillance. (6 one-hour episodes)


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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  1. The BRITs have dealt with “total information awareness” in other films and series. About a dozen years ago Benedict Cumberbatch did a series called “The Last Enemy”.

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