The Handmaiden (review)

The Handmaiden (review)
The Handmaiden (review)
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A young woman is hired to work as the maid for a Japanese heiress in 30s Korea, but unexpected passion leads to deception all around. This sumptuous period drama is beautifully created by director Chan-wok Park (SNOWPIERCER & OLDBOY), but the pace is painfully slow and the exaggerated emotions wear thin. There’s a large dose of somewhat explicit lesbian lovemaking (the film isn’t rated), but their over-the-top reactions render them more stylized than passionate.  For visual appeal and stately style, this film excels, but for pace and patience, it’s a trial. In Korean & Japanese with subtitles. (Criterion Cinemas only)


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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