In the Heart of the Sea (review)

In the Heart of the Sea (review)
In the Heart of the Sea (review)
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Since this is the truth-based story that inspired ‘Moby-Dick,” you’d expect it to be all about the crew vs. the whale. While that’s a big part, this narrative expands to become a story of survival at sea. The encounters with the CGI creatures, as well as a harrowing storm, are amazingly rendered. On top of that, the grand style of the cinematography and rich look of the art direction add a layer of visual majesty. Then there’s the actual drama: It unfolds with encounters and relationships that are too trite, flashes back to the storyteller (which halts the pace) and never really creates characters that are compelling (even Chris Hemworth seems like yet another superhero). The film attempts to be grand storytelling in a classic vein (albeit with lots of quick cuts), but lacks the spirit to capture the heart.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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