The Legend of Tarzan (review)

The Legend of Tarzan (review)
The Legend of Tarzan (review)
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It’s almost 1:45 into this movie before Alexander Skarsgård slips off his fancy English duds to reveal his jungle-bred bod (and it’s worth the wait!). That’s because he starts this story as a civilized Lord back home in England, putting the jungle behind him. To make him “go native,” it takes a tired plot about Belgians (led by the inevitably evil Christoph Waltz) mining the Congo for diamonds and slaves. Margot Robbie does make a lively, lovely Jane. Even though the story is somewhat clunky, often predictable and just a tad absurd, there’s lots of magnificent scenery and jungle spectacle (although some of the CGI flora and fauna isn’t convincing). The few action scenes are cut too fast and become a blur of movement and by the preposterous finale, Tarzan has demonstrated superhuman powers. The only thing that’s special about this retread is Skarsgård in his Tarzan tights.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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