The Lighthouse (review)

The Lighthouse (review)
The Lighthouse (review)
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The director of “The Witch” (my review) has created another weirdo mood piece. Willem Dafoe plays the crusty old lighthouse keeper who continually farts and berates his young new partner (Robert Pattinson). Their relationship becomes ever more twisted and dark, as their isolated existence bears down on their souls. Both actors get plenty of opportunity for excess (especially Dafoe) with grand statements and sometimes confusing period dialogue. The square aspect ratio and dramatic black and white cinematography add to the artistic look, while the ominous soundtrack continually invades the action with a heavy hand. As things become more bizarre, it reminded me of the detached weirdness of David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.” Some will find this film’s peculiar, creepy vibe mesmerizing, while others will think it’s a pretentious, over the top exercise in self indulgence. I’m in the middle… appreciated it more than loved it.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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