The Lion King (review)

The Lion King (review)
The Lion King (review)
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THE PLAY: Based on the Disney animated film, this is the story of the king of the African Pride Lands, whose son is faced with challenges after his jealous uncle steals the throne.


THE PRODUCTION: I saw the Broadway version in 1998 (the year it opened) and it was one of the most amazing and innovative theatrical experiences I’ve ever seen. All these years later (and in a much bigger venue) it’s still inspires awe and delight! From the constantly inventive staging to the stirring beauty of the voices, it’s a masterpiece of poetic majesty. While melding contemporary sensibilities and humor with African culture and design, the story appeals to all ages (with the bonus of those popular tunes). The symbolic puppetry is marvelously magical and the overall design is clean, colorful and lovely. While every performance is wonderful, the comic standouts delight the audience (as does Patrick R. Brown’s deliciously villainous Scar). The technical elements were flawless with the exception of some of the lyrics that got lost in the mix.


THE POINT: If you’ve never seen this musical masterpiece, don’t miss this opportunity. If you’ve seen it before, you’ll still be exhilarated by its originality and theatrical power.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A production of Broadway in Richmond at the Altria Theater thru 5/8


Photo credit: Matthew Murphey


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  1. Agreed! Caught it last night, a pure delight.

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