The Meddler (review)

The Meddler (review)
The Meddler (review)
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Established actors sometimes find movies with a quirky character that allows them to flex their acting muscles. This is the case for Susan Sarandon, as she plays a New Jersey mother who moves to LA to be closer to her daughter (Rose Byrne). As the title suggests, she can’t leave anyone alone: She’s driven to express her opinion, give advice and even offer money. Though it’s promoted as a comedy, this is more a lite drama that examines a complex woman thru several sweet interactions. As expected, Sarandon has spunky charm, but she also manages moments of quiet poignancy. The cast is good (J. K. Simmons is esp. warm) and the pace never lags. Sarandon doesn’t give a flashy performance and the movie isn’t striving for hilarity, but its low-key charms are undeniable. (Criterion Cinemas only)


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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