The Pendulum Always Swings Back

The Pendulum Always Swings Back
The Pendulum Always Swings Back
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In a city constantly searching for its food identity, where new restaurants are popping up as fast as dogwood blossoms, let’s appreciate some of what we’ve had for years. Really good food.


Upon returning from LA, where most buildings practically receive historical status if they are more than twenty years old, I find it downright refreshing to come home and still see a lot of the old haunts standing strong. These are places with great ambiance, wonderful food and integrity.


Some of the best Greek food I’ve ever tasted (while never having actually been to Greece, of course) is actually right here at the Athens Tavern: family owned and operated in the heart of the Fan.  Its authentic Greek fare has made it a mainstay and neighborhood favorite for 20+ years.  

Here, you will be served up velvety, comforting avgolemono soup with just the right amount of lemon, a bright and fresh tzazigi served with perfectly wrapped dolmas (stuffed with rice and meat) and a warm, lemony, garlicky lamb guvetsi elegantly placed over a bed of steaming orzo.  After a jubilant exclamation of “OPA!” over saganaki and ouzo, remember that everything old is new again.



Written with Elliott Shaffner

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