REVIEW: The Pride (Triangle Players)

REVIEW: The Pride (Triangle Players)
REVIEW: The Pride (Triangle Players)
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THE PLAY: Scenes alternate between London 1958 & 2008 and contrasts issues of sex, love and longing in the two periods. It’s talky and each scene goes on too long, but presents an interesting examination. Also, there are 2 graphic depictions of sex and a bit of flesh.


THE PRODUCTION: All four cast members are outstanding: convincingly at home in their characters (flawless accents), nuanced and effective. Stevie Rice nears tour de force in the pivotal role (that one break up scene is just too teary). Director Jason Campbell has an assured hand and displays an occasional creative treat. The set is serviceable but uninspired. The “time” projections were unattractive and unnecessary.


THE POINT: The cast is better than the play, but it’s a strong effort.


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