The Resignators: Down In Flames (review)

The Resignators: Down In Flames (review)
The Resignators: Down In Flames (review)
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Ex-Richmonder, musician/promoter (GWAR, Log, Mudd Helmet,The Shiners, Engine 143) Steve Douglas spent part of his youth in the Bahamas, listening to Caribbean rhythms on the FM radio there. In Richmond, in addition to playing music himself, Douglas became well known locally for booking incredible rock shows at Twisters (now Strange Matter), holding amazing bluegrass shows in his Oregon Hill kitchen, and pushing Plan 9 Music’s in-house Planetary label, all at the same time.



Visiting RVA while on tour, ex-Richmonder, and now Aussie guitarist Steve Douglas poses with Resignators’ branded hot sauce.

Still, if you ask him if he ever thought he would be spending the latter portion of his life as a member of a world touring Australian ska band, he says hell no. But if this album is any indication, Douglas is having a blast playing guitar and doing his share of production with this 7-person Melbourne area band’s dynamic ‘3rd wave’ ska/punk rock sound.


Opening tracks ‘Rocket Ship” and title song “Down In Flames” are barn burners with strong percussion, blazing horns and organ, while “Summer Girl Smile” comes across as a beach/reggae pop hit, with just enough cheesiness. Some good surprises come later with a rockin’ dedication to fallen soldiers called “Lest We Forget” (Memorial Day, anyone?), a cover of Rancid’s “Old Friend”, and an anti-consumerism number, “Buy More Shit.”


Singer and band founder Francis Harrison’s energetic vocals are rumored to be matched by great on-stage dance moves. The Resignators are definitely within the camp of classic pub rockers like Bad Manners and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Yet even if you are not a rabid fan of that genre, it’s a lot of fun to hear this band from Down Under work and improve upon it.


The Resignators play with Hotel X and Bucket at Strange Matter on June 1.

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  1. I saw and heard the Resignators life and have 3 of theier newest albums. Great stuff and so dieffernet to listen.
    Alone in a crowd, sins of my father, offbeat feeling, emotional, ultimatum, and the named above have gift to get from row 3 into first.
    Congrats to the tour d`Europe.

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