The Revolutionists (review)

The Revolutionists (review)
The Revolutionists (review)
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THE PLAY: A playwright witnessing the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror struggles to express her concerns and inspire activism thru 3 additional women.


THE PRODUCTION: Even though this play sometimes overstates its messages, the writing is clever with snappy retorts and contemporary slants. It’s brought brimming to life by this wonderful ensemble. Maggie Roop leads the quartet with strength and assurance. Lydia Hynes makes a plucky assassin. Maggie Bavolack creates an amiably oblivious and sweetly amusing Marie Antoinette. Katrinah Carol Lewis, who’s always good, gives one of the most amusing and incisive performances of her career. Director Chelsea Burke kept the women in motion with the rollicking repartee of Act One and effectively transitioned to the emotive drama of Act Two. Ruth Hedberg has created attractive historical costumes with modern touches. Dasia Gregg’s set doesn’t rise to the same artistry. Michael Jarett’s lighting and Kelsey Cordrey’s sound design add effective support. Running time: 2:00


THE POINT: This witty and ultimately compelling production is elevated by the superb performances of this excellent ensemble.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


At TheatreLAB thru 3/21




Maggie Roop, Lydia Hynes, Katrinah Carol Lewis, Maggie Bavolack (Photo by Tom Topinka5.jpg

Maggie Roop, Lydia Hynes, Katrinah Carol Lewis, Maggie Bavolack (Photos by Tom Topinka)

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