The Snowman (review)

The Snowman (review)
The Snowman (review)
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Those expecting an American style stalker flick will find this art film approach lacking. Michael Fassbender plays a flawed Norwegian detective (is there any other kind these days?). He’s on the case of a serial killer who builds the titular snow structures outside the homes of his victims. This is a stark Scandinavian production with subdued action and an even more restrained killer. While the cold gray cinematography is interesting and some of the landscapes are magnificent, Tomas Alfredson’s reserved direction doesn’t manage the disturbing vibe of his brilliant first film (“Let the Right One In”). Fassbinder is appropriately glum and the other performers do fine, but the monotonous pacing and muted direction result in a pretty chilly reception.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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