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If you think you’re seeing double at Sycamore Rouge’s production of “The Glass Menagerie,” well, that’s kind of the point. “Menagerie” is a memory play where a middle-aged contemporary character, Tom, narrates scenes where a much younger version of himself appears. In a traditional staging, the Tom of today and the Tom of yesterday are played by the same actor, who moves back and forth between past and present. But in director kb saine’s unique take on the Tennessee Williams’ classic, there will be two Toms: Dean Knight will play the older version, Deejay Gray the younger.

Glass Menagerie

Dean Knight (top), Terry Gau (left), McLean Jesse (right), Deejay Gray (bottom)


According to saine, “in the traditional casting of the show, one way or another, the character isn’t right. Either the older Tom seems too young to have the depth of perspective he has or the younger Tom can seem more worldly than he should be.”


If you need additional motivation to take that 30 minute drive down I-95 to Sycamore Rouge, saine and her pals in Petersburg put on a knock-out staging of “A Streetcar Named Desire” a few years ago so they obviously have a solid understanding of Tennessee Williams. Saine says she stole the idea of using two Toms from her husband, Keith, who is designing the set for the production and wrote a thesis on the play in college: “We’ve been waiting 16 years to be in a place where we could do this right.”

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