The Verge (review)

The Verge (review)
The Verge (review)
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THE PLAY: This interactive experience invites the small audience to witness the reading of the final instructions left by the wealthy owner of an ice cream condiments fortune.


THE PRODUCTION: The “audience” is seated around a table where the action takes place, but this is more than a one-man show, it’s part interactive game. Dante Piro is not only a singular talent with immense abilities and a unique perspective on characters, this play (which he also wrote) proves his wonderful way with words. It’s a unique treat to be so close and enjoy his delightfully quirky mannerisms and total commitment to the character. I’m not sure how much direction Chelsea Burke added, but what she did feels completely integral to his performance. There is also an uncredited assistant who takes her job very seriously. The grand setting in the Branch Museum only adds to the specialness of the occasion. NOTE: Only 8 seats per show and black tie is suggested (I didn’t see that part and wasn’t dressed fancy). Running time: 1:15


THE POINT: This is an opportunity to witness the early stages of a promising actor/writer who’s brimming with creativity and talent.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A Firehouse Theatre production at the Branch Museum thru 8/14



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