The Windsors (review)

The Windsors (review)
The Windsors (review)
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Britain’s Royal Family is up for loads of over-the-top whimsy in this BBC comedy series. Even though it’s highly fictionalized, some events and the relationships are based on reality. It’s a cheeky spoof with loads of satirical jabs (some of which won’t be relatable to US audiences), sprinklings of broad physical humor (including fisticuffs between 2 women) and outrageous silliness (sometimes almost cartoonish). Especially amusing are Haydn Gwynne as the ever-plotting Camilla and Richard Goulding as an uber-dimwitted Harry (although he was replaced in Season 3). Ironically, the only family members not spoofed are the Queen and her Mother. Comedy doesn’t get more silly, but the hilarious performances and outrageous humor make for a continually funny royal romp.

(Three 6-episode seasons plus 2 specials)


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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