The Wizard of Oz (review)

The Wizard of Oz (review)
The Wizard of Oz (review)
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THE PLAY: The Hollywood classic is brought to the screen with all the characters and familiar songs (and “Jitterbug,” which wasn’t in the movie).


THE PRODUCTION: Fans of the film will find plenty to enjoy. The cast does a solid job of creating fun characters (Nicholas J. Pearson’s “King of the Forest” was the audience fave). Of course, having the live dog on stage was a source of constant amusement. The 4-piece “orchestra” sounded solid and the voices were good. The technical elements were on the low-budget side: projections on a wrinkled cyc, weird animation and a few uninspired set pieces. Most of the effects are pretty cheesy and some of the costumes are downright bizarre. Running time: 2:35


THE POINT: Those who want to relive the big screen glory (and their young offspring) will find themselves entertained.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


A Broadway in Richmond production at Altria Theatre thru 12/16


Nick Gurinsky, Kalie Kaimann, Nicholas J. Pearson, Jack Saleeby @Denise S. Trupe

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