Theatrical yard sale

Theatrical yard sale
Theatrical yard sale
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The McAuley/Kilgore Library is named for the founders of Barksdale Theatre and is housed adjacent to the lobby of Virginia Rep’s Children’s Theatre at Willow Lawn. It houses hundreds of scripts and theatre resource books.


Several years ago, local actor Jody Strickler became interested in organizing this growing collection, so she enlisted fellow actors Jacqueline Jones and Linda Snyder to help. Since people keep donating books, they’re running out of space.


Hence, the YARD SALE (actually in the 2nd floor lobby).



They kept one copy of every play (2 for Shakespeare) and the remainders will be for sale:

Paperbacks: 50 cents for one script / 3 for $1.

Hardbacks: $1 each or 5 for $3.

In addition, there will be props, periodicals, sound equipment and other odds and ends. Va Rep costumer Sue Griffin is also donating some of her personal stock of fabric.


All proceeds go to the Library Committee for resources that will allow them to make the collection available to the theatre community. Cash and check preferred, but they can take credit cards and anything left over will be given to Diversity Thrift.


Here’s a look inside the library:



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