Third Person (review)

Third Person (review)
Third Person (review)
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This latest from Paul Haggis (best known as the writer/director of “Crash”) follows a similar multi-level structure. Three couples play out tragic stories in 3 cities (New York, Rome, Paris), each centering around the loss of a child. The impressive cast (Liam Neeson, James Franco, Adrien Brody, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde) turns in deep performances, but it’s the script that leaves you wanting. It sets up a number of compelling complex situations (and even tosses in some reality defying twists), but none of it resolves in a gratifying conclusion. I kept waiting for the dramatic revelations, but all I got was flawed characters who suffered interestingly.(Criterion Cinema only)


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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