Three Christs (review)

Three Christs (review)
Three Christs (review)
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While poking around for movies that didn’t get much attention on initial release, I found this one from 2017, which is based on a real case from 1959. A psychiatrist (Richard Gere who spends a lot of time smiling sweetly) arrives at a mental hospital ready to address the treatment of 3 schizophrenic patients who all think they’re Jesus: Peter Dinklage turns in another magnetic performance, while Walton Goggins and Bradley Whitford do an expectedly decent job. This is an interesting story, but the thing holding it back is exactly what it’s about: it’s too clinical. There are some attempts at adding personal angles, but the dry writing and journeyman Jon Avnet’s bland direction don’t create an experience as emotionally compelling as the subject’s potential.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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